Author Guest Post: Stacy DeKeyser + Giveaway

I asked Stacy DeKeyser, author of One Witch at a Time to share a little bit about her experience with fairy tales, and here is what she wrote up for me! So excited to share this with you!

Fairy Tales: Part of the Conversation

Our family car has one of those nifty GPS mapping systems. Because of its seemingly magical ability to know where we are and where we need to go, we call it “The Navi Fairy.”

That’s how deeply rooted fairy tales are in modern life. It’s from fairy tales we get so many colorful expressions: “The better to see you with.” “I’m going home before I turn into a pumpkin.” “Wake up, Sleeping Beauty!” Can you imagine a person not knowing what those expressions mean? You’d ask them, “What’s wrong? Been asleep for a hundred years?”

But why do fairy tales endure?

There are people who devote their whole lives to that topic. Since I missed “Fairy Tale Scholar” on the list of career possibilities in the high-school guidance counselor’s office, I have to settle for being a fascinated amateur. I know there is power in story. I know that stories satisfy a very basic, urgent need in every person to make sense of the world. Life is messy and lacks explanation, but we crave order, sense, and justice. Stories fulfill those cravings, and fairy tales do it best of all.

And so it’s no wonder that new versions of the classic tales have appeared in recent years. I think that’s a good thing. Passing down fairy tales is as important as sharing family recipes, photo albums, and (of course) family stories. That shared experience makes us feel connected, not just to each other, but to all those who came before us. It makes us feel a part of something bigger. Like we belong. We can take part in the conversation.

Which brings me back to my car’s GPS system. It has a feature that lets me create a new route while I’m driving. As it records the route, it leaves a series of dots on the map screen. What’s this feature called in the car’s owner’s manual?

“Breadcrumbs,” of course.

Thank you Stacy for sharing, I loved it! Hope you guys did too!

Stacy DeKeyser photo_credit Michaela Ristaino_newStacy DeKeyser is the author of The Brixen Witch, which received two starred reviews and was a Chicago Public Library Best of the Best Pick, and its sequel, One Witch at a Time, as well as the young adult novel, Jump the Cracks and two nonfiction books for young readers. She lives in Connecticut with her family. To learn more and to download a free, CCSS-aligned discussion guide, visit
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