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Today, we have Ann Aguirre here with us to discuss Outpost, the sequel to Enclave. This is a series that both Kate and I love and highly recommend! Check out our reviews for Enclave (Kristen's and Kate's) and Outpost.

1. What are five words that describe Outpost? 

Dangerous. Dazzling. Desperate. Delicious. Dramatic.

2. How was writing your Enclave series different from your adult novels? 

I approach all my books with the intention of being true to the characters. So the primary difference is the age of the protagonists. Someone who is fifteen generally lacks the life experience of someone who is thirty, though that can be heavily dependent on the world in which they come to maturity. Someone in Deuce's world, for instance, is probably more mature than a sheltered teenager in today's world. All my novels, adult and young adult alike, contain lots of action and a touch of relationship / romance, so that's the unifying thread.

3. I love how the characters developed in Outpost. Which character are you most like and why? 

Thanks! I'm all about the heroine's journey; my characters change over the course of a series, and Deuce is no exception to this. I'd say I'm most like Tegan in that I've survived some pretty harsh things in my life, and it made me stronger. I'm also a healer / nurturer rather than a fighter. I can't even bring myself to kill bugs. Which makes it rather ironic that my books have so much fighting in them.

4. What is one quirky thing about you or your writing habits? 

I don't know if this counts as a quirk, but I'm a creature of habit and I work best (and most productively) at home. When I travel, I have the worst time focusing because the surroundings are all wrong and my routine has been disrupted. The one exception is that I write like a fiend in airports, on airplanes, trains, train stations, etc. I have no explanation for that. But plant me in a comfortable hotel room or a strange rental home, and I'm unable to concentrate. It's inexplicable.

5. Outpost was fantastic, but now we are dying for more! How many books are in the series and when do they come out? 

The last book is tentatively entitled Horde. It's a trilogy, so the series will be complete in fall of 2013. I hope you enjoy the finale!

We can't wait! Thanks Ann for answering our questions!

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Ann Aguirre wrote a short story, Endurance, that takes place in the same world, but focuses on Thimble and Stone, and bridges the gap between Enclave and Outpost.

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20 responses to “Author Interview: Ann Aguirre

  1. *HORDE* !! Love that title!! <3
    Also very much enjoyed Enclave and cannot wait to read Outpost – Ann, you are one awesomely talented author! 😀
    Thank you, Kristen, for the enjoyable interview and giveaway~
    Mary DeBorde (M.A.D.)

  2. I loved Enclave! It was the first dystopian novel I read and now I can’t get enough. I read both reviews and am stoked both of you ladies enjoyed it. I can’t wait to read more about Deuce!

  3. This series is on my TBR list. I haven’t started it yet because I am one of those people that like to have at least 2 books of a series in hand before starting it and if I know there is only going to be three I will wait and read it when they are all available. Much less frustrating that way.

    Thanks so much!

  4. I haven’t read Enclave yet because I haven’t managed to get my hands on a copy, but it’s been on my TBR list since it came out! I would love to win a copy of both of these books since Outpost is on my TBR list now as well:) Thanks so much for the awesome giveaway!

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