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We are happy to welcome Aubrie Dionne today. Aubrie is the author of Nebula's Music.


Describe your book in five words or less.

A science fiction adventure romance!

Did you always know you wanted to be a writer, or did you just kind of fall into it?

Actually I always wanted to be a flutist, but I always wrote and read fantasy. I make up stories to go with the music in my flute lessons and over the years my students pushed me to get them published. Here I am today!

What kind of research, if any, did you do for "Nebula's Music"? What was your research process like?

I researched space vocabulary and came up with unique character names based off of scientific terms. Radian, the love interest, is named after a radian: angular velocity is typically measured in radians. Nebula, obviously came from the word for a nimbus cloud. And Angstrom is a unit of length.

Do you have any writing “must haves”?

I must have time to think and stew over what I'm going to write about! If I sit down and try to write by the seat of my pants, nothing comes out. I always structure my stories first in my head. That way each chapter has a turning point and the story moves forward very fast.

The cover is gorgeous! What was your reaction to seeing it for the first time?

My jaw dropped and then I forwarded a jpeg to everyone I knew! People that hadn't sent me an email in years wrote back! It's perfect for the character in the book because Nebula is a cyborg that's been remade from the body of a woman. the picture says it all.

What's next for you? Are you currently working on or have plans for future projects?

I'm working on another space opera titled, Desert Nomad. The main character is stuck in a predestined marriage on a colony vessel two hundred years away from a paradise planet. I also have a dark, gothic YA project that I want to start as well. My very first book that I ever wrote, an epic YA fantasy, is coming out in paperback this summer. The title is The Voices of Ire. It took me four years to write it and another two years to get it in print. I'm very excited about it.

What is one question that you've always wanted to be asked in an interview? How would you answer that question?

I'd love to be asked about what inspires my writing. I get inspired by fantasy art, movies, music, and even real life! I grew up watching Star Wars (the originals), Labyrinth, and The Last Unicorn. I can recite every word of each movie and even sing the David Bowie songs!



Each note brings her one step closer to the truth.


When the cyborg Nebula plays the piano she experiences memories from a time before her creation. These memories—which involve a captive rebel fighter being held on their ship—bring with them complex human feelings and awaken a desire for her to discover her origins.

Radian is the long-lost love of the woman from which Nebula was made. He’s vowed to avenge his finance’s death and rescue her sister from the Gryphonites, a fierce race out to enslave the galaxy. Nebula grapples with her identity and how much of who she is comes from someone else’s past. She is not the woman that died, yet she is undeniably drawn to Radian.

Together Nebula and Radian seek to rescue his fiancé’s sister and end the Gryphonites’ cruel reign. But can Radian learn to love again and can Nebula accept a past made from someone else’s memories?

Learn more about Aubrie and her novels at:


Aubrie will be giving away a download of Winter Queen, the first book in her Seasons of Fantasy series to one randomly drawn commenter on the blog tour.



The Snow Queen has haunted the northern lands for generations using the temptation of a fabled paradise to lure men to their deaths. Can Barrow Tiln, a local farmer’s son melt her heart and set her free, or will she freeze his body and steal his soul?


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  1. misskallie2000

    Aubrie, I loved your interview. Both books sound like great reading. I have added them to my wish list. Thanks for stopping by to chat. Science fiction has always been a favorite of mine.

    misskallie2000 at yahoo dot com

  2. Loved the interview, Aubrie, and yes, that cover is gorgeous. Interesting how you came up with the names for your characters, – and all the films you mention are favourties of mine. ‘The Lst Unicorn’ by Peter S Beagle was one of the first fantasies I ever read, as a teenager.

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