Bloggiesta Mini-Challenge: Giveaways

How to Host a Giveaway Mini-Challenge

I absolutely love this topic because I love both hosting and entering giveaways, especially for books! Hopefully I will be giving you some great tools to look into.

1. So the first step in creating a giveaway is deciding what you are giving away and why. Maybe it's a book you loved, you're contemplating joining a Giveaway Hop or you've been asked to giveaway an item via a Blog Tour.

2. Next, you need to figure out if you want to post it alone or tag it onto a review/interview or other type of post.

3. Then, you have to figure out who is sending it out and how to fulfill the prize. With publishers, they usually have shipping restrictions. If you want to ship it yourself, you are better off shipping locally within your country, or you can use a website like The Book Depository, which has free shipping to many different countries.

4. Once you have all that in mind, you set up the post. Make sure you include information as to how long the giveaway will last, where it can ship to and what the item is with a nice visual image to go along with it.

5. Add in how people will enter. I've used both Google Docs and Rafflecopter in the past for giveaways. You can also use a linky tool like Inlinkz, just make sure to hide your entries. All of these are free tools! Once you've set them up, just click on Source or HTML to add the code it generates. If this is overwhelming for you, you can also have people enter via the comments. Make sure to tell them what you expect – email address, etc.

Kate made a great tutorial if you want to try out the Forms in Google Docs. Check that out here.

6. Extra entries. Sometimes it's nice to get people to follow you on twitter, etc. Rafflecopter makes it easy to add in extra entries, but you can also include them in your instructions (leave links to what you want them to do – follow via twitter, etc) or add them to your Google Form.

If you are interested in joining a Giveaway Hop, I Am a Reader Not A Writer hosts one pretty much every week.

If you need further help or have questions, please find me @bookgoil on Twitter. 🙂

I know this is a lot of information, so for today's challenge, please leave a comment with what you explored and what you found useful. I have a giveaway for participating!


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16 responses to “Bloggiesta Mini-Challenge: Giveaways

  1. I haven't done many giveaways, but I explored and really liked Rafflecopter. My biggest challenge though is always sending off the books to the winners in a timely manner … that's why gift cards rock!

  2. I've had a couple of challenges on my site and have found that I really love rafflecopter. It seems to keep the entries much more organized and I've found that it's easier for readers to enter the contest. Like Tanya I too have a hard time sending everything off in a timely manner. I'm curious to know what most blogger's turnaround time is.

  3. This past month on our blog we tried hosting a giveaway. As of now i only have 7 entries which is a little dissapointing. 

    I found the tutorial you listed helpful, i might try google docs instead of Rafflecopter.

    How would you suggest getting the word out there since i have such a small following?

    Ashley Books Buying Beauty


    • I always link up on Saturday to who hosts every week Saturday Situation where you put up your reviews and giveaways. I also sometimes will shoot out an event on Goodreads, Tweet it multiple times while it is still going on or you can give extra points for tweeting/sharing the giveaway to get more people to share the news as well.

      I wouldn't feel bad though because our giveaways get low entries lately as well.

  4. I changed to Rafflecopter not too long ago, it's so easy to set up and keep track of anyone who might cheat! Only problem with it is anyone who can't use java on their website, they have to link it seperately, not embed it. I am going to check out inlinkz though, thank you for sharing this!

  5. I love using Rafflecopter for giveaways. It is so easy to use! I also love that you can duplicate a past giveaway so you only have to change a few details and not have to set up each follow item from scratch.

  6. Great tips! I liked the one about including a visual image. It's also good to use that image in your sidebar to promote the giveaway and maybe get a few more entries! 

    I definitely love using Rafflecopter! It's SO easy. I'm at the point now where I won't enter any other way unless I am REALLY interested in the prize being offered! 

  7. I checked out The Book Depository and Rafflecopter, both of which look like great tools for giveaways. I've never hosted a giveaway, but your post makes it sound very do-able. Thanks for the clear instructions and tips on what to consider!

  8. Good practical advice.  I am about to host my first blog hop and might pass along a few of the tips to some of the participants who are also doing one of their first giveaways!  Thanks!!


  9. I've actually never hosted a giveaway before. Entering giveaways I usually prefer people who use Rafflecopter. I find it much easier especially if the host gives extra entries for tweeting and everything. It seems like Rafflecopter is easier for the host as well. Less work. I think I might do a giveaway soon and play with Rafflecopter even more.

  10. I like rafflecopter, but it's useful to know there are other options. I also think I'll probably refer to the google docs form tutorial for putting together a survey when my blog turns two. Thanks for the helpful information!

  11. I normally use Rafflecopter. I have seen Forms/Google Docs on a couple of sites. It is good to finally see how to use it. I have a couple of simple posts that I would like to use forms with in the future.

    Thanks for the post! It was helpful.

  12. I have to say I found this very helpful! I'm hosting a giveaway right now but hopefully with what you have suggested, in the future I will have even more entries!

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