Book Review: A Prince Among Frogs

Book Review: A Prince Among FrogsA Prince Among Frogs by E.D. Baker
Series: The Tales of the Frog Princess #8
Published by Bloomsbury USA Children's Books on September 28th 2010
Pages: 288

While Princess Millie and her dragon fiance, Audun, prepare for their wedding, all kinds of disasters strike, causing the family to leave the castle and pursue the Wizard Olebald, the sea witch Nastia Nautica and other adversaries from earlier books who must be banished from Greater Greensward forever. Most of all they need to find out which of the many frogs in the swamp is Felix, Millie's baby brother…


Princess Millie and her soon-to-be husband, Audun, are buried up to their necks in wedding day preparations. Trying to make everything perfect for their (hopefully) perfect day. Unfortunately for them, life has a way of interfering. And it seems that their only hope of living happily ever after depends on them.

A Prince Among Frogs is a delightful novel filled with magic and wonder. Prior to reading this novel, I was unaware that this is a series of novels all centered around the Frog Princess, with A Prince Among Frogs being the finale novel. Now, I must admit that I have not read E.D. Baker's previous novels in this series. And while some may be put off by reading the last novel first, I must admit that I was not. Baker does a beautiful job of refreshing the story thus far and never making me feel as if I was missing the "big" picture.

Baker's writing along with her characters make this a novel perfect for readers of all ages. The characters have complex personalities and are just so much fun to read about. So much so that I now feel as if I must go read the whole series just to get to know everyone better.

A Prince Among Frogs is one of those rare novels that transports you into another world. Filled with romance and adventure, this is a novel that both will please a wide variety of readers. And one that will be very hard to let go of. A Prince Among Frogs was truly a pleasure to read and a novel that I look forward to going back to again and again.

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  1. Ladybug

    Sounds like a wonderful read, but I’m one of those who have to start with the first book 😉

    I think I will have to check out this series, great review!

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