Book Review: A Tangle of Knots

Book Review: A Tangle of KnotsA Tangle of Knots by Lisa Graff
Published by Philomel on February 12th 2013
Pages: 240

Told from multiple viewpoints, A Tangle of Knots is a magnificent puzzle. In a slightly magical world where everyone has a Talent, eleven-year-old Cady is an orphan with a phenomenal Talent for cake baking. But little does she know that fate has set her on a journey from the moment she was born. And her destiny leads her to a mysterious address that houses a lost luggage emporium, an old recipe, a family of children searching for their own Talents, and a Talent Thief who will alter her life forever. However, these encounters hold the key to Cady's mysterious past and how she became an orphan. If she's lucky, fate may reunite her with her long-lost father.

Lisa Graff adds a pinch of magic to a sharply crafted plot to create a novel that will have readers wondering about fate and the way we're all connected.

First Impression: I love Lisa Graff's books and she's constantly nominated for our state children's choice awards. I was looking forward to reading something by her that involved a bit more fantasy twisted into the plot. 

While Reading: I found myself drawn into the mystery behind the various characters and how they all interconnected throughout the story. Graff weaves a tale about a world where some people have talents, but they can be anything from spitting to levitating and even to baking cakes. Cady has the talent of cake baking and throughout the book are recipes for the different cakes she makes. She seems to sense which cake the people around her would like best, except for the man who has adopted her.

I love the way the points of view change from chapter to chapter, getting a glimpse of what is happening with each character, even the villain of the tale. The way the story unraveled as parts of the mystery were revealed really kept my attention throughout the novel. A Tangle of Knots is a quick read with a great story line and interesting characters. I love the way you are pulled into the lives of everyone this story touches and there are many touching moments.

Final Verdict: Definitely a solid middle grade novel that has a balance of fantasy elements with a moving story and lots of mystery to be solved. This book has characters any reader can relate to as well, making it a great read for anyone who picks it up.

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