Book Review: Angel of the Battlefield

Book Review: Angel of the BattlefieldAngel of the Battlefield by Ann Hood
Series: The Treasure Chest #1
on October 11st 2011
Pages: 192

While exploring The Treasure Chest, Felix and Maisie are transported to a Massachusetts farm in 1836. Disappointed that they have not landed in their beloved New York City, they wonder why they were brought to Massachusetts to meet a young girl named Clara Barton. Perhaps Clara has a message for the twins? Or maybe they have one for her?

I love Ann Hood and was excited to see a middle grade series coming out authored by her.

Felix and Maisie are going through a tough time. Their father has left, their mother uprooted them and dragged them to live upstairs a house turned into a museum. One that they aren't allowed to explore on their own, but only through a tour. However, children will be children and they find a way to explore through the old rooms, set up for daily tours and find The Treasure Chest.

However, there is more to this room and as they fight over a list of names, they are transported back in time. There, they meet Clara Barton and they have to live life as she does until they can find a way back home. There is something that has to be solved before they can do so. Will they be able to figure out what it is? Will they ever end up back home?

I really enjoyed this first novel in a series. Angel of the Battlefield is full of adventure, history and mischief that really does put the children in quite a pickle. I love the relationship between the twins, one being sensible and careful, the other adventurous and curious.

Final Verdict:

A must-read for students that love history and fantasy entangled into one. Definitely for younger readers up to middle school ages.




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  1. Christina Kit.

    MG is such an enchanting genre. This one seems to really encompass everything great about it – growing up, magic, fantasy!

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