Book Review: Cake: Love, Chickens, and a Taste of Peculiar

Book Review: Cake: Love, Chickens, and a Taste of PeculiarCake: Love, Chickens, and a Taste of Peculiar by Joyce Magnin
Published by Zonderkids on December 25th 2012
Pages: 221
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Hope is the thing with feathers Emily Dickinson Spunky, smart, twelve-year-old Wilma Sue moves into her fifth foster home---this time to live with two quirky sisters. The sisters's house has something she's never known---love. Well, love and chickens and maybe a little magic---or so it appears. But mostly it's the love.

There's something about middle grade fantasy books that adds more than just fun and adventure. In Cake, Wilma Sue has been bounced from one foster home to another and ends up with two odd women who live together and love to bake cakes. Lately, I've seen this trend with older women possessing magic that take in young girls or boys and open their eyes to healing and joy. Or maybe I'm just picking up such books randomly, who knows. I must say, Cake really surprised me. I love the characters and the different cakes that heal people differently.

Wilma Sue herself is a bit of a jaded young girl, finding any excuse as to why these two women would possibly want her around. She thinks she has it all figured out when she has to help take care of the chickens in the back of their house. Beyond that she finds a young girl who seems to want to be her friend and then ends up slugging her or calling her names. Wilma Sue has to go beyond her own problems to see if she can make a friend in young Penny and finds she is not the only one with a tough life.

I love the way that cake heals ailments in this book and the different types of cake the sisters would bake. Wilma Sue catches on quickly to what the sisters are doing and insists on a cake for Penny's mother, but they are not yet ready to make it. I really loved Wilma Sue's voice and the way she transforms throughout the book.

Final Verdict: Cake is a beautiful book about family, healing and learning what kindness really is and how to show it.

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