Book Review: Fly Away

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Book Review: Fly AwayFly Away by Patricia Maclachlan
Published by Margaret K. McElderry on April 8th 2014
Pages: 128
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From the Newbery Award–winning author of Sarah, Plain and Tall comes a story about one brave girl who saves her family from losing everything.

Everyone in Lucy’s family sings. Opera. Rap. Lullabies. Everyone, except Lucy. Lucy can’t sing; her voice just won’t come out. Just like singing, helping Aunt Frankie prepare for flooding season is a family tradition—even if Frankie doesn’t want the help. And this year, when the flood arrives, danger finds its way into the heart of Lucy’s family, and Lucy will need to find her voice to save her brother.

Fly Away is the story of Lucy, a girl who says she cannot sing. Her little brother barely talks, but sings perfectly in tune when no one else is listening but Lucy. All Lucy wants to do is to be able to sing like the rest of her family, but she keeps that inside of her and treasures the moments she has with her little brother. Her family is on the way to help her Aunt, who lives on land that always floods at this time of year.

Although she tells them not to come, Lucy’s parents bear through and make it to Aunt Frankie’s, just in time. This year, the flooding is worse and through it all, Lucy learns a lot. When her little brother goes missing, she knows she is the only one he will sing out to. Lucy must find her voice so she can sing their song and find her brother.

Fly Away was a touching story of family and how small things, though not perfect are important. Although a short read, Lucy’s story is powerful and brought me to tears. There were so many great moments in the story that really had me thinking. I loved the friend of Aunt Frankie’s, who was there to help and there was something more. I love that Maclachlan put in strains of stories that all tied together in a way that impacted the reader.


15 responses to “Book Review: Fly Away

  1. What a gorgeous cover!
    O.k., this story sounds super interesting and will be a one sitting read for sure.:) Adding to my ever-growing tbr.

  2. This sounds like a great mommy and kid read. A book that will bring more love into the family. Think I will share this book with my little one or my siblings. Totally a family read since Lucy does what she can to save her family.

  3. Great review! I think this sounds like a wonderful story. I like stories about families and siblings especially and I think this would be very popular with my library patrons. I read Sarah Plain and Tall years ago when I was a kid and really liked it.

  4. I like the concept of this book. It’s always fun reading a story about someone is completely different then their family or friends and to see how they overcome that. It sounds like a cute/sweet book.

  5. Aww, this one sounds so cute! I’m glad I read your review because I’ve never seen this one around. The cover is too cute, too!

  6. Rikki S

    I really love how they did the title of this book!, great review, if it makes you cry, it’s a winner.

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