Book Review: Frost

Book Review: FrostFrost by Wendy Delsol
Series: Stork #2
Published by Candlewick Press on October 11th 2011
Pages: 384

Wendy Delsol’s FROST, is the sequel to her YA debut STORK.

After the drama of discovering that she’s a member of the Storks, a mystical order of women endowed with powerful abilities, Katla Leblanc is finally settling into her life in chilly Minnesota. In fact, the ex-California girl even hopes for a white Christmas. But Katla’s wintry wish unexpectedly turns into the snowstorm of the century, drawing the attention of Brigid, a gorgeous environmental researcher with an amazing array of fur coats and an unusual interest in Katla’s boyfriend, Jack.

Inspired by Norse mythology and Hans Christian Andersen’s THE SNOW QUEEN.

Review: Stork
My husband's family is from Iceland, so I am very familar with many of the Norse and Icelandic folktale and customs. It was great to actually see something completely different in the YA genre. Plus, I ADORED Stork. When I saw that the sequel was coming out, I knew I had to read it.
Frost picks up a little bit after Stork finished. Kat is getting use to her Stork abilities. Her mom and Stanley are excited about the baby. And her and Jack are going strong as a couple… well… maybe. If you have read Stork, you know that The Snow Queen was frequently spoken about due to Kat and Penny designing a costume set for the school's play. Due to this foreshadowing, I was not too surprised to find that The Ice Queen was the main focus of Frost.
In Frost, we switch gears a bit to focus on Jack. Well no, that's not really it since Jack is missing from a good half of the novel (and a jerk for the other). But that is best conclusion that I can come up with. Delsol explores the idea that Jack desires to have better control of his powers. The resulting adventure is a little mix of this and that.
Usually I make up my mind pretty quickly about how I feel about a book, but I am at a complete lost with Frost. Delsol stayed to true some of the qualities I loved about Stork: Kat's personality, the secondary characters, the lore. But as far as the plot goes, Delsol completely detrailed.
In a lot of ways, Frost felt more like a retelling of a fairy tale than a sequel. The Stork idea was all but gone. And in its place was a hodgepodge of different lores, most of which left me stratching my head, wondering does this really all fit together? Snow Queen, Storks, Selkies, and mermaids? It was just too much for me.
Final Verdict:
To say that I am disappointed is an understatement. I loved Stork. The lore. The differences. But Frost just left me confused. It reads like a companion novel, not the sequel that it is. Not much was resolved in regards to the lingering questions about the Storks or Ravens (they were only mentioned in passing). The romance went backwards, not forward. Then top to everything off, more seemingly unrelated lore was introduced. Since it is a trilogy, I am still holding out hope. I just hope it is not in vain.
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  1. Bummer to hear that Frost was disappointing, esp. because The Snow Queen is one of my favorite fairy tales. I haven’t read Stork yet, but knowing that the sequel is disappointing makes me hesitant to pick up the first book.

    Thanks for the honest review.


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