Book Review: Gods and Warriors

Book Review: Gods and WarriorsGods and Warriors by Michelle Paver
Series: Gods and Warriors #1
Published by Dial Books on August 28th 2012
Pages: 320

An action-packed new series set in the mysterious, dangerous Bronze Age.

Young Hylas--goatherd, Outsider, thief--is hunted by powerful warriors who want him dead and have kidnapped his sister. Hylas is forced to flee his home, but not before a mysterious stranger gives him a bronze dagger. While on the run, Hylas must use his skill and wits to survive a shipwreck and a great white shark attack, befriend a dolphin, and help Pirra, the runaway daughter of a High Priestess. Together with Pirra, the dolphin, and the valuable bronze sword, Hylas fights to discover why he's being hunted and find his sister before the warriors find them.

When I heard Michelle was starting a new series, I was intrigued, having read Wolf Brother and enjoying it. Also, she writes in a unique setting that my higher readers really find interesting and I was excited to see that she kept to olden times. 
It was hard to put this book down. When we meet Hylas he is already on the run from the Crows, separated from his sister and trying to stay alive. He's an outsider, not from the land he resides on and the tribe barely tolerates him and his sister. Hylas finds no help by going back to the village and sets out on his own, hoping to find his sister and hope that she was not killed. On his journey, he meets a dying stranger who makes him take a bronze dagger. Little does Hylas know the importance this dagger holds.
Pirra is the other main character that this book follows, the only daughter of a High Priestess and about to be married off to a Chief's son. She wants nothing more than her own freedom, something she has never had, being under the lock and key of her mother. When the chance arises, she escapes and ends up in the company of Hylas. Together, they have the help of a dolphin along the way, they must escape the Crows and possibly another older threat on the island they have been stranded on.
This book was so exciting and full of old mythology and legends. I absolutely loved every minute of it and could not put it down for long without needing to find out what happens next. I'm excited to see where this series goes next and will be anticipating the next novel.
Final Verdict:  
ā€‹A book for those who enjoy adventure, mythology, and being pulled into a story. A book that is definitely for boys and girls alike. 
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  1. I’m glad I finally get to see a fun mythology book not written by Rick Riordan. He is good, but I wish others would take on this genre too. I’m excited to read this!

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