Book Review: Has Anyone Seen Jessica Jenkins?

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Book Review: Has Anyone Seen Jessica Jenkins?Has Anyone Seen Jessica Jenkins? by Liz Kessler
Published by Candlewick Press on February 24th 2015
Pages: 288

From New York Times best-selling author Liz Kessler comes the magical tale of a (sometimes invisible) teen—and her truly super friends.

Jessica Jenkins has always been a perfectly ordinary girl—until one day part of her arm vanishes in the middle of geography class! Jessica’s friends Izzy and Tom are determined to help her develop her newfound invisibility, though Jessica is more concerned with discovering where the ability came from. When it becomes apparent that there may be other kids developing strange powers of their own, Jessica marshals them into a slapdash band of "slightly superheroes." But when an unscrupulous adult discovers the origin of their powers and kidnaps one of the team, the rest must put their heads—and all of their skills—together to avert disaster.


Has Anyone Seen Jessica Jenkins? is an interesting book in that these kids gain superpowers but with a scientific basis for the reason behind it. Jessica starts turning invisible in class one day and her best friend also notices it. Together they try to figure out how and why she can turn invisible. They start to do small experiments to find out how she can do it and work on her power. Little does Jessica know that her mother’s best friend and her godmother Nancy is the reason behind her sudden change. When she was a baby, her and two others were exposed to a serum that Nancy and her colleague (a doctor)  had been working on to save his wife. When these kids are exposed to stones also connected with the serum, they gain powers. Jessica is not the first, the mean girl from school Heather can go through walls, and Max, the son of the doctor, can hear people’s thoughts.

Things get a bit dicey when Max is kidnapped as leverage against his father. Jessica and her friend (old and new) have to find a way to save him without getting anyone hurt. I loved  the action and the drama in the book, the way the superpowers are scientifically based. I thought it was a fun start to hopefully a new series by Kessler. I didn’t like the lack of trust in adults, but that’s pretty typical of MG. I thought Nancy would have been someone to confide in, personally, since she was invested in the situation but not quite a direct parent figure. Overall though, our teen heroes seemed to be able to handle themselves pretty well.


An interesting twist on superheroes and looking forward to hopefully more adventures!

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