Book Review: Meridian

Book Review: MeridianMeridian by Josin L. McQuein
Series: Arclight #2
Published by HarperCollins on May 27th 2014
Pages: 464
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Marina thought that she had solved all of the Arclight’s mysteries. She had found her own history—that she was one of the Fade, that she never should have been human. She knows that the Fade who surround the Arclight don’t want to be the humans' enemies at all. She knows that the leader of those inside the Arc, Honoria Whit, never told the whole truth. But there is so much more that Marina is just discovering. There are more survivors out there. Only Marina—and her friends, all of whom have connections to the Fade they'd never known about—can lead her people to them. But there are also darker dangers, things that even the Fade fear. And Marina slowly realizes she may never have been “cured,” after all. The sequel to Arclight, Meridian is an intense, action-packed page-turner about the lines we draw between right and wrong, light and dark . . . and the way nothing is ever that black and white.

thoughtPicking up where Arclight left off, Meridian takes readers on an incredible journey from the beginning to end. The Fade and the people of the Arc, after much deliberation and fighting, have come to an uneasy truce of sorts. While tensions are still running very high, these two groups know that the future of the groups depend on them working together, not against each other. When a new threat appears, it will take everything everyone has to survive. The darkness is coming…

Arclight, the first installment of this possible trilogy, blew me away. The concept. The writing. Even the romance. I loved almost everything about it. With Meridian, we are back again with our characters. The Arc and its people know that time is running out for them. With a new threat on the horizon and changes within the Fade, it is only a matter of time before things crumble, not if.

One aspect that was really unexpected with Meridian was the shift of the romance. With Arclight, there was tons of things going on, but some how, some way, things always tended to lead back to the romance. With Meridian, thankfully, this was not the case at all. Sure, the romance and its dysfunction between the characters was still present, but unlike the previous installment, it was not as large a part. Instead, our focus this time around is the Fade, a new enemy, and discovering new information about why the world is the way it is. Plus, it has some serious action.

While I really, really, liked Arclight, Meridian felt more polished and together as a whole. The Fade added a certain level tension to the book the first time around, and while it is missing with Meridian, the Dark seems to be ten times worse than anything the Fade could have brought to the table. There is a bit of character development here, so it is nice to watch our characters growing. The only complaint with that is with the results of Meridian, it looks like we will be adding quite a few new characters to the line up. I just hope it does not muddy up the sometimes already confusing character lineup.


Very pleased. Great second book. Cannot wait to see what will happen next.

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