Book Review: No Safety in Numbers

Book Review: No Safety in NumbersNo Safety in Numbers by Dayna Lorentz
Series: No Safety in Numbers #1
Published by Dial Books on May 29th 2012
Pages: 272

Life As We Knew It meets Lord of the Flies in a mall that looks just like yours.

A biological bomb has just been discovered in the air ducts of a busy suburban mall. At first nobody knows if it’s even life threatening, but then the entire complex is quarantined, people start getting sick, supplies start running low, and there’s no way out. Among the hundreds of trapped shoppers are four teens.

These four different narrators, each with their own stories, must cope in unique, surprising styles, changing in ways they wouldn’t have predicted, trying to find solace, safety, and escape at a time when the adults are behaving badly.

This is a gripping look at people and how they can–and must–change under the most dire of circumstances.

And not always for the better.

I wasn't quite sure what to expect from this one, but it seemed like a great story idea and I couldn't wait to dig into the story.
The first thing I noticed about this book were the different characters. There are four different narrators in this story, each unique with their own flaws and strengths. I really enjoyed these characters and seeing how they reacted to the situation of being locked up in a mall until further notice. For once, we saw how reliable young people can be in a situation where the adults are all freaking out and being a bit unreasonable.
The story unfolded with the reader knowing exactly what had happened at the beginning, but it was a discovery for the rest of the characters. As they found out what was going on, they all reacted differently, but all seemed to want to get out of the building as soon as possible. I was starting to get to the end of the book and realized this was not going to be a stand-alone story. There is no resolution at the end of this book, so don't be surprised when you get there. More story means more books (soon hopefully!) and I am looking forward to seeing how these characters further get through this crisis.
Final Verdict: Definitely a shocking novel that is so realistically set you have to worry about this actually happening. A great first book and I'm looking forward to more action in the next one.

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