Book Review: Nobody

Book Review: NobodyNobody by Jennifer Lynn Barnes
Published by Egmont USA on January 22nd 2013
Pages: 393
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There are people in this world who are Nobody. No one sees them. No one notices them. They live their lives under the radar, forgotten as soon as you turn away.

That’s why they make the perfect assassins.

The Institute finds these people when they’re young and takes them away for training. But an untrained Nobody is a threat to their organization. And threats must be eliminated.

Sixteen-year-old Claire has been invisible her whole life, missed by the Institute’s monitoring. But now they’ve ID’ed her and send seventeen-year-old Nix to remove her. Yet the moment he lays eyes on her, he can’t make the hit. It’s as if Claire and Nix are the only people in the world for each other. And they are—because no one else ever notices them.

Sometimes you go into a book knowing exactly what you are getting. Sometimes you don't. With Jennifer Lynn Barnes' newest read, I thought I knew what I was getting into. But I was wrong, oh so wrong.

Nobody, on the surface, seems to be pretty straight forward. A secret society of people with a special weapon, a person (aka a Nobody) that can turn invisible, so to speak, fighting to stopping bad guys from ruining the world. If that was all Nobody was, then I think it would have been a much easier book to swallow. But it wasn't. There are plenty of other layers added in, making what could have been a simple read seem so much more complicated than it needed to be.

The science element. Nobody features an interesting way of describing invisibility. Energy. The push and pull of it. While I loved that Barnes took to the time to explore this aspect, to be honest, most of the explanations just gave me a headache. The whole thing was way more complicated than it needed to be.

The insta-love.  At first, this was nauseating. One moment, Nix is willing to do whatever it took to kill Claire. The next, they both have this connection that seems unbreakable. While this could have been a game over for me, Jennifer Lynn Barnes surprising doesn't let the insta-love take over Nobody. Instead, our characters realize the strangeness, I guess you could say, of their instant relationship, and for other reasons, put the romance on the back burner. As Nobody continues, the romance of Nix and Claire does play heavily into the overall story line of Nobody, but not in a distracting way.

One reason for this is Claire. Her growth from the beginning pages of Nobody to, let's say, the middle of the read are remarkable. In a matter of pages, the wallowing Claire transforms into a character that is worth remembering. A strong, take-charge character that was fun to read about. However, Claire's growth was not perfect. While I loved the change in her character, to be honest, I am not exactly sure where it came from. Was it Nix? Her new found powers? I am not sure. It was almost like she woke up one morning and decided to be different.

Final Verdict:

I can't say that Nobody is my favorite read by Jennifer Lynn Barnes, but was different. And sometimes different can be a good thing. While I didn't love Nobody to pieces, it was a pleasant read that, at times, was gripping.

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