Book Review: Shipwreck Island

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Book Review: Shipwreck IslandShipwreck Island by S.A. Bodeen
Series: Shipwreck Island #1
Published by Macmillan on July 29th 2014
Pages: 192
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Sarah Robinson is deeply troubled in the wake of her dad’s second marriage. She now has to deal with a new stepmom and two stepbrothers, Marco, who is her age, and Nacho, who’s younger. Even though they’ve all moved from Texas to California to start life as a new, blended family, none of the kids seem remotely happy about it.

Sarah’s dad and stepmom then decide to take the whole family on a special vacation in order to break the ice and have everyone get to know one another. They’ll fly to Tahiti, charter a boat, and go sailing for a few days. It’ll be an adventure, right? Wrong. Dead wrong.  Shipwreck Island is the first installment in a series from S.A. Bodeen.


Sarah’s dad has just remarried and thinks it is a great idea to take all of the kids on their honeymoon with them. She’s not excited about the prospect of getting to know her new family which includes a stepmom and two stepbrothers. The first couple chapters is dedicated to the packing and whining that you can expect out of an almost teenage girl. It only gets worse when they discover their luxury cruise is really a small boat and even worse, the weather is horrible, leaving them stranded on an island.

The island is where things start to get interesting. There are creatures that seem abnormal and it seems to get worse the longer they stay there. I liked how Sarah started to shape up a bit during the novel. Obviously life changes can take a while to adjust to and if they survive the island, maybe Sarah will learn to appreciate her new family. I liked the adventure and felt it moved quickly once they set out on the boat. Probably my biggest complaint is that it ends so quickly and I want to find out what happens next!


A novel about confronting change and survival, Shipwreck Island is a series to look out for.


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