Book Review: The Line

Book Review: The LineThe Line by Teri Hall
Published by Penguin on 2010-03-04
Pages: 224

When Rachel and her mother move to Mrs. Moore's house-the one with the greenhouse, right next to the Line-Rachel starts questioning things. There are so many rumors of horrible things that lie beyond the Line-in a place called Away-but no one dares to talk about it. And it's no use asking questions- especially of Mrs. Moore, who has always lived by the Line, or of her mother, who is just happy to have a place to stay, especially since Rachel's father died in the war. But then Rachel comes across a recorded message-one that could only have come from Away. And the voice on the recorder is asking for help. As things start to unravel, the question becomes, how far is Rachel willing to go to cross the Line and do the right thing?

Rachel and her mother live in a home that is simply known as The Property. But what makes this home different from many is its close proximity to The Line. You see, years ago, the government feared hostile warfare from a neighboring country and decided to close its borders… regardless that it had citizens living on the other side. Years later, Rachel longs for the Father she never had and is completely fascinated with The Line… and who or what could be living on the other side. When she receives a mysterious call for help, she cannot help but be drawn to whomever left this message.

The Line is an engaging dystopian novel that begins rather slowly and ends with a bang. Rachel's world is explored beautifully… almost to the point where it is too much. In the beginning, I loved how detailed Hall was. It seemed like she left no stone unturned. But as the novel continued, I found myself wanting something more… whether it be character interaction or development, I am not sure.

Bottom line, The Line is fun start to a new dystopian series. While I wish the beginning had been a little faster, the ending definitely had me wanting more. I think that there is definitely potential with this series, and I cannot wait to see what happens to Rachel next.

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  1. The premise sounds interesting and I am definitely a fan of dystopian worlds, Hopefully the next one will start faster than this one did. Still I think I need to check this out.

  2. Rhiannon Hart

    I felt the same about this one. A little slow to start and the characters needing a little something, but I’m looking forward to the next one very much.

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