Book Review: The Root of Magic

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Book Review: The Root of MagicThe Root of Magic by Kathleen Benner Duble
Published by Delacorte Press on June 11, 2019
Pages: 224

A deeply felt sibling story set in a town where people have a mysterious magical power and one girl is determined to discover what it is, for readers of Lauren Myracle and Ingrid Law.

Willow knows the unknown is scary. Especially when your little brother has been sick for a long time and nobody has been able to figure out why. All Willow wants is for her brother to get better and for her her life to go back to normal.

But after a bad stroke of luck, Willow and her family find themselves stranded in an unusual town in the middle of nowhere and their life begins to change in the most unexpected way. Willow soon discovers that the town isn't just unusual--it's magical--and the truth is more exciting that she ever imagined.

Will Willow find that this could be the secret to saving her family--or discover that the root of magic could lead them to something greater?


The Root of Magic is a beautiful novel about family and making hard choices. Willow, her mother and little brother Wisp are in a car accident which leads them to a small town which has a secret. Wisp is always sick and Willow only wants him to get better. When her mother decides they maybe should stay in the strange town, she knows something odd is going on. There’s only one phone in the whole town at the bed and breakfast they are staying at and no one seems to leave the town.

When Willow learns the truth, she decides to do something dramatic, something no one can predict.

I really enjoyed this novel, about a girl who has been given a choice and knows what she wants in life. This book is about making that choice a reality even when obstacles stand in her way. The magical aspect of the book was quite interesting, I wasn’t quite sure what was going to be discovered. I thought there may be a bit more conflict towards the end, but it was more mild than I expected.

I also enjoyed the slight romance between Willow and Topher, a boy from the town who I was sort of worried would make her think of staying. Topher is a kind and responsible boy who seems a bit different from the other kids in the town. I like their interactions together and the little romantic moments they share – definitely an appropriate romance for a MG novel.


A great novel about making choices and standing your ground all with a twist of magic.


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