Book Review: The Wednesday Wars

The Wednesday Wars
by Gary D. Schmidt

Holling Hoodhood thinks his 7th grade teacher hates him. It may be due to the fact that he is the only student who does not attend religious school on Wednesday afternoons, which means Mrs. Baker and Holling are stuck together once a week – just the two of them.

But Holling finds out there is more to Mrs. Baker than meets the eye and in turn discovers a lot about what he is capable of – including reading and performing Shakespeare.

The book is set during the late 60’s, during the time of the flower children and the Vietnam War.

I have to say I really liked this book. I listened to it on audio and when I wasn’t listening to it, I was thinking about it. You really see some serious growth in Holling as a character over the course of the book. He’s like any other 7th grade boy – a bit awkward, a bit self-centered, but overall a good kid. Any trouble he gets in seems to be seriously hilarious accidents. Probably more hilarious to us as the reader than him as the character.

Definitely a great middle grade fiction novel that backtracks just a bit into the past, showing a time where things were enough different to impact the novel itself.

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9 responses to “Book Review: The Wednesday Wars

  1. Llehn

    I’ve heard mixed reviews about this book. I take it as a good sign that you are still thinking about the characters when you leave the book. Not many authors can manage this feat!

  2. Jill of The O.W.L.

    Love this book! I want to use it with my 7th graders. The audio book is great – the guy who read it was fantastic. Even my two year old will say “Hood Hood” like the gym teacher did!

  3. Nikki (Wicked Awesome Books)

    Nice review. This sounds like something my younger brothers might enjoy. I’ll have to check it out for them.

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