Book Review: Timekeeper

Book Review: TimekeeperTimekeeper by Alexandra Monir
Series: Timeless #2
Published by Delacorte Books on January 8th 2012
Pages: 288
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When Philip Walker appears as a new student in Michele Windsor's high school class, she is floored. He is the love she thought she lost forever when they said goodbye during her time travels last century. Overjoyed that they can resume the relationship they had a lifetime ago, Michele eagerly approaches him and discovers the unthinkable: he doesn't remember her. In fact, he doesn't seem to remember anything about the Philip Walker of 1910.

Michele then finds her father's journals, which tell stories of his time-traveling past. As she digs deeper, she learns about his entanglement with a mysterious and powerful organization called the Time Society and his dealings with a vengeful Windsor ancestor. Michele soon finds herself at the center of a rift over 120 years in the making, one whose resolution will have life-or-death consequences.

Alexandra Monir's Timekeeper combines breathtaking romance with a tale of complex magic in a sequel that will have every reader believing in the transcendent power of love.

Review: Timeless

* Review and Summary may contain spoilers from previous books of the series.

Read at your own risk *

Timeless, book one of the Timeless series, goes down as one of my all time favorite YA time-travel reads. It went beyond my wildest expectations. But after that killer cliff-hanger, I had to know more.

Timekeeper opens basically where Timeless ended. When Philip Walker enters Michele Windsor's classroom, she just knows that she has gotten her Philip back. But wait, this Philip doesn't know her or their past. Tragic.

After loving Timeless so deeply, I was sure that Timekeeper would be an instant hit with me. But I was wrong. The magic, the chemistry, and all the other elements that made Timeless so perfect were strangely lacking in Timekeeper.

Before I began Timekeeper, I knew that I was going to be seeing a lot of rehashing between Philip and Michele. She remembers him. Their past. How they fell in love. He does not. So, it was fair, in my opinion, to be expecting to see much of that all over again. Whether it be with Michele telling Philip, or if he somehow remembers, I did not know. However, I was not expecting to get another love story added in: Marion and Irving, Michele's parents. Although Michele's parents and their story have been previously mentioned before, in Timekeeper, the whole story is explored. And while it was not a bad story, it did feel out of place. Taking away the focus from where I thought it should have been.

As for Philip and Michele, I have to say that I was expecting more. The Philip we get in Timekeeper is not the same Philip from Timeless. Of course, that was to be expected. But that didn't stop me from wanting the old Philip back, or at least wanting to get to watch the progression of the new Philip fall in love with Michele. As it stands, the romance between Philip and Michele was lacking.

Final Verdict:
What I got from Timekeeper was not what I was expecting to find from the sequel that I had been waiting for so desperately for. The romance between Philip and Michele was lackluster at best. No real chemistry. Just poof there it is. And our villain, Rebecca, well, there are no words to describe that mess. I wanted so much from Timekeeper… probably too much. Maybe that is why Timekeeper fell flat for me. Or maybe not.

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