Book Review: Trance

Book Review: TranceTrance by Linda Gerber
Published by Speak on October 14th 2010
Pages: 277

Ashlyn Greenfield has always known when bad things are going to happen. Each time that familiar tingling at the back of her neck begins, she knows what's to come a trance. She's pulled in, blindsided, an unwilling witness to a horrible upcoming event. But she's never been able to stop it not even when the vision was of her mother's fatal car accident. When soulful Jake enters Ashlyn's life, she begins having trances about another car accident. And as her trances escalate, one thing becomes clear; it's up to her to save Jake from near-certain death.


Trance is a multi-leveled novel that once I picked it up, I really did not want to put it down. Originally, I was drawn to Trance due to the summary sounding very similar to Lisa McMann's Wake series. But once I got deeper into the novel, it was quickly clear that while similarities are there, the two novels are quite different. Trance centers around Ashlyn, a young girl who has seen her share of misery from the visions she foresees. Not much is known about the trances, but one thing is certain, the outcome is not a happy one.

The premise is engaging. The writing flows easily. And Trance is unique in its own ways. However, the main issue that I kept coming back to again and again was the deeper level of the novel was missing. The who, what, when, etc. that I kept expecting to find were not there. The characters simply accepted their powers without questioning it. There was no level of discovery. I just kept waiting and waiting to find out the source of these trances, but it never came.

As a whole, I really enjoyed Trance. It is a quick, light read that, at times, deals with heavier topics. It unfortunately was not the mind-blowing read that I wanted it to be. But as it is, I really liked it. The ending leads for the possibility of a sequel. And with the lack of understanding regarding Ashlyn's powers, I am hopeful that I can learn more about these characters and what makes them tick.

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  1. Emily a.k.a WilowRaven : )

    I just finished a book with similar ‘problems’ – no back story, no answers 🙁
    Sounds like you enjoyed Trance though so maybe I’ll have to give it a try.
    Thanks for the review!

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