Book Review: Troll Hunters

Book Review: Troll HuntersTroll Hunters by Michael Dahl
Published by Stone Arch Books on August 1st 2012
Pages: 320

Evil and danger rumbles under the earth. Follow the adventures of a group of contemporary teenagers who discover that their town, and ultimately the entire world, is under attack by fierce creatures from deep beneath the earth. These creatures were known to the earliest humans as trolls or goblins, but they are much more dangerous than their fairy-tale versions. The teens make unlikely allies along the way, including a half-man, half-troll, as well as some legendary constellations that quite literally come to life. The young heroes will also discover their own untapped celestial abilities in an epic battle between good versus evil.

I was looking forward to this middle grade fantasy novel with lots of brilliant illustrations. I wasn't expecting this to be as epic of a fantasy novel as I thought it would be first glance. Definitely a book to rival The Spiderwick Chronicles and I am hoping to see a sequel or series sprout from this adventure. I loved the diversity of the four different characters. Two boys, two girls and of differing ages, each with their own unique abilities and personalities. And of course, the older, wizened mentor to aide the children on their way to defeating the enemy – trolls! There was a sense of urgent danger throughout the novel that kept me reading page after page. I love how full of action the plot was with only a bit of down time to build up the story. 
The illustrations within the book really brought the story altogether. They were darker illustrations, but the whole book is darker in the sense of danger and violence happening within the pages. I liked the quest story line as well, including a few riddles, some deception and filled with evil trolls. There were some nice twists to the plot to keep the reader interested as well.
Final Verdict:
Definitely a book for students that enjoy fantasy novels that are action-packed and filled with interesting characters.
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