Book Review: What Curiosity Kills

Book Review: What Curiosity KillsWhat Curiosity Kills by Helen Ellis
Series: The Turning #1
Published by Sourcebooks, Inc. on 2010-05-01
Pages: 224


Things are changing in Mary's life. While most kids her age are worrying about boyfriends and dates, she is worrying about… why she is turning into a cat? As she struggles to come to terms with this new physical discovery, she quickly learns that she is not the only with her condition, or the only one who is not sure how to control it.

I have very conflicted feelings regarding this novel. On one hand, I found this to be a very enjoyable read that has a lot of promise… and possibly a bright future as a series. On the other hand, the novel frustrated me to no end.

What Curiosity Kills holds a lot of promise due to its plot and originality. But by the novel's end, I felt like Ellis had only begun to scratch the surface of Mary's world. In most instances I enjoy this, but I am not quite sure that this is the case with What Curiosity Kills. Which leads me to why the novel was frustrating. With this novel, I was constantly wanting to know more. Why Mary is turning into a cat… Why does the transformation start at age 16? In the end, I was just left with so many questions… and so few answers. In addition, many of the chapters felt choppy, especially the chapter's ending. It seemed that there was always some action or event was taking place and then… BAM… it was over.

Despite my issues, I very much enjoyed the novel. I found the characters to be very likable and the romance aspect between Mary and Nick was nice. Will I read the next novel in the series? Absolutely.  There are way too many questions that I have yet to uncover the answers to, and I am not going to let a smallish issue get in the way of me finding out the answers that I seek.

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  1. OKay, this book sounds SO weird. Turning into a cat? Seriously? Maybe, if I hear that there’s a sequel to explain everything, I’ll check it out.

  2. My 5 Monkeys(Julie)

    those were some of my thoughts too of the book. It showed promise but lacked answers to questions.

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