Book Review: Widdershins

Book Review: WiddershinsWiddershins by Alex Alexander
on July 12, 2018
Pages: 360

Logicide! Heretic!
Everyone knows cats can't talk. Everyone except Niclas, a halfwit slum boy who's just landed a new job as a talking cat's man servant.
But this is Laburnum and the age of Rationalism. Here, the Academy's Inquisition takes illogical happenings very seriously. Locking people up, throwing away keys, that sort of thing.
And it's not just the Crimson Men Niclas and his new master have to worry about. A man with no name has come to the capital in search of the Black Science – They call him Witchhunter.


Widdershins took a bit to get into. The chapters were long and the plot was interesting but definitely a bit slower reading than I expected. The setting is old timey London, the main characters a talking cat and a slums boy who he saves from losing his fingers as well as a witchhunter and the daughter of the Queen, the Princess herself. Quite an intriguing set up, with a bit of a political plot happening that is alluded to with the Academy and the Inquisition. There’s some magic and a book that intrigues the princess.

The problem is that nothing felt like it fully connects and likely the book needs a sequel to flesh everything out. It looks like originally the book was released in 6 parts on Kindle which makes sense for the long chapters, but in a book format maybe it could have been broken up a bit.

What I liked: the action at the end, the crazy witchhunter, the accent language throughout the novel. I wish it had picked up sooner, it took a good 200 pages to really get into the action, everything else was a lot of build up. I wanted more of the political intrigue up front and maybe more happening more quickly. I really did enjoy it once it started up though.


An interesting magic adventure set in a unique London set up, but ended with a lot of questions unanswered and possibly no sequel.

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