Book View: Bless This Mouse

Book View: Bless This MouseBless This Mouse by Lois Lowry
Published by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt on March 21st 2011
Pages: 160

A resilient and quirky colony of church mice fears another Great X more than they fear cats. Under Mouse Mistress Hildegarde’s leadership, they save themselves from one danger after another—sometimes just by the skin of their tails! Can one ultimate act of bravery during the feast day of St. Francis get Father Murphy to bless these mice and keep them safe forever?

Rife with humor and personality, this young middle-grade novel has an old-fashioned feel with the makings of a modern classic.

Short & Sweet: An interesting new novel by the wonderful Lois Lowry. I just can't help but fall in love with the illustrations of cute mice in this novel. Their world, however, is full of peril, as they must get by with not letting the humans know how big their society of mice is, or the evil X will come and kill them.

Final Verdict: Bless This Mouse is definitely a book that reminds me a bit of the Rats of Nimh combined with Lowry's wonderful writing and is a book I think a lot of my students will enjoy.

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