Book View: City of the Dead

Book View: City of the DeadCity of the Dead by Tony Abbott
Series: The Haunting of Derek Stone #1
Published by Scholastic Inc. on January 1st 2009
Pages: 134

Could the road to the afterlife be a two-way street? Derek Stone just turned fourteen. He's lived in the heart of New Orleans with his dad and older brother, Ronny, his whole life. He's a little overweight. He can't hear well out of his left ear. Oh, and he's on the run from the dead. Derek never imagined that the dead could be anything but dead. But there's no denying it. They're back -- and they're after him. He just doesn't know why. And he doesn't have long to figure it out.Excerpt from CITY OF THE DEAD: I'll tell you straight: the dead are coming back. You won't believe it, of course. You'll say it's crazy. It's impossible. It's whatever. Fine. I get it. Most of the time I don't believe it myself. But it's happening, and it affects all of us. If you're smart, you'll listen and be afraid. If you're really smart, you'll run. And you'll do it now, because pretty soon there won't be anywhere to run to.


City of the Dead was a whimsical audiobook I tried because I needed something for the car that was only a couple hours long. What I found was that this book was messed up creeptastic. At the beginning of the book, Derek, his brother Ronny and father are in a terrible train accident, leaving Derek as the only one left in his family. He lives with his uncle and then miraculously Ronny shows back up, but he seems off and acts strange. Derek must figure out what is going on. City of the Dead had a good amount of creepy with mystery tied in. I really wasn’t sure where all of it was going until nearly the end of the book. I enjoyed the various plot points and it definitely was a story that kept with me as I was listening to it on my trips to and from work.


A creepy story that will surprise you and keep you reading til the end.

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