Book View: Clementine

Book View: ClementineClementine by Sara Pennypacker
Series: Clementine #1
Published by Disney Hyperion on September 15th 2006
Pages: 144
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Clementine is having not so good of a week.

On Monday she's sent to the principal's office for cutting off Margaret's hair.

Tuesday, Margaret's mother is mad at her.

Wednesday, she's sent to the principal again.

Thursday, Margaret stops speaking to her.

Friday starts with yucky eggs and gets worse.

And by Saturday, even her mother is mad at her.

Okay, fine. Clementine is having a DISASTROUS week.

Short & Sweet: Clementine is a series I've meant to pick up but haven't until now. I listened to this one on audio while cleaning and found myself laughing and smiling along with the narration. Clementine knows she is not the easy child, and often says she is the only one who does pay attention. Just not to what her teachers and parents tell her to. I love seeing the story through Clementine, who definitely reminds me of some of my own students. I'm sure this book will resonate with a lot of students and will hopefully connect with Clementine and her odd ways. 

Final Verdict: A great audiobook and a wonderful story that everyone should read. I cannot wait to read more of the stories about her. 


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