Book View: Dreaming Awake

Book View: Dreaming AwakeDreaming Awake by Gwen Hayes
Series: Falling Under #2
on January 3rd 2012
Pages: 336

She fell for him in a nighttime world. But the time for dreaming is past—and the here-and-now can be just as fragile their love…

When Theia Alderson first encountered a mysterious, handsome boy in her dreams, she never imagined how finding Haden Black—and falling in love—could change her life. To save Haden, Theia sacrificed everything. And the dangerous bargain she made could have lasting repercussions.

Now Theia has returned to Serendipity Falls, and she finds herself struggling with the same deadly hungers that have tortured Haden. When students at their high school fall prey to a mysterious illness, Theia can’t help but wonder if Haden’s control is slipping—and how much longer she’ll have a grip on her own.

And still the nightmare realm of Under won’t let them go. Someone from Haden’s past is determined to destroy Theia from the inside out, starting with those closest to her, forcing Theia to choose between family and friends and a love that may have been doomed from the start…

Review: Falling Under

* Review and Summary may contain spoilers from the first book of the series, Falling Under. Read at your own risk *


Short and Sweet:
Hayes really impressed me with the first book in this series, Falling Under. Based on previous experiences, I have learned not to be overly hyped for a sequel. Some don't live up to the expectations. Some go in strange directions. So, I was understandably hesitant about Dreaming Awake. But I had to push that all aside because I really wanted to get back into this world.

The first thing that struck me about Dreaming Awake is that the "it" factor really isn't present. There was something about Falling Under that felt so fresh and original. Hayes manages to capture that feeling again with the sequel, but it was off. Maybe it was the pacing. Maybe it was the characters. At this point, I am really not sure.

Final Verdict:
As far as sequels go, Dreaming Awake was very successful. I loved getting back to Theia and Haden. Seeing how things would progress. And the plot was spot on for what I was hoping it would be. The problem for me was a bit in the pacing department and the lack of the "it" factor. The punch and excitement that Falling Under had is quite muted. And sadly, that took a bit of the overall enjoyment down a notch.


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  1. Christina Kit.

    The one good thing about this as a sequel is that you cared enough about the characters to continue. Maybe the first was so original, it kind of faded in the sequel because you were used to the concept?

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