Book View: Guardians of Ga’Hoole

Book View: Guardians of Ga’HooleThe Capture by Kathryn Lasky
Series: Guardians of Ga'Hoole #1
Published by Scholastic Point on June 1st 2003
Pages: 222
Soren is born in the forest of Tyto, a tranquil kingdom where the Barn Owls dwell. But evil lurks in the owls world, evil that threatens to shatter Tyto's peace and change the course of Soren's life forever.
Soren is captured and taken to a dark and forbidding canyon. It's called and orphanage, but Soren believes it's something for worse. He and his friend Gylfie know that the only way out is up. To escape, they will need to do something they have never done before-fly.
And so begins a magical journey. Along the way, Soren and Gylfie meet Twilight and Digger. The four owls band together to seek the truth and protect the owl world from unimaginable danger.

Short and Sweet: The Capture is definitely one of those books that you don't see coming from a mile away. My first impression was that this would be a cutesy children's novel about owls. But truth be told, there is almost nothing about the novel that screams cutesy (the characters are a definite exception). And strangely enough, The Capture was a pretty dark novel… featuring owls. Truth be told, there is plenty here to please children as well as adults. And if you have not taken a peek into Soren's world yet, you really should.

Final Verdict: The Capture was so much fun to read. Due to it being a children's novel, the chapters are short so the novel flies by. Lasky completely took me by surprise with this novel. It was supenseful.. great characters.. and just plain fun. But honestly, due to the whole series being around 15 books long, I am not sure if I will continue with the series right now. I just don't have the time. However, if I ever have  time for the entire series in the future, I'll be back.
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  1. Wow, that definitely wasn’t what I expected either. I’ll have to try this sometime (when I have time, in case I get addicted and want to read all 15), though I’ll recommend this to my little sister too. Thanks for the nice review! 🙂

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