Book View: Inside the Walls of Troy

Book View: Inside the Walls of TroyInside the Walls of Troy by Clemence McLaren
Published by Atheneum Books for Young Readers on October 1st 1996
Pages: 208

Two women, one war.

Helen, at age twelve, is not prepared to deal with her famous beauty: to have the face that will launch a thousand ships, kill fifty thousand men, and cause the fall of the world's greatest city. But when she is kidnapped by Theseus of Athens, she begins her journey into womanhood and finds passion strong enough to start the Trojan War.

Cassandra has the gift, or curse, to predict the future. When she forsees the ruin of her family and city that Helen's arrival in Troy will cause, she is outraged. Yet she cannot help being drawn to Helen.

As the war rages around them, Helen, the woman who started the conflict, and Cassandra, the one who foresaw it, develop a deep friendship. And through their eyes we see the Trojan War in a fascinating new way.

Short & Sweet: I've always loved reading about the Trojan War, so I was excited to read this older title. We start the book off with Helen who doesn't want to be blessed with the beauty she has and tries to be content until Paris shows up. Paris confides that he won a wager for her love, but she cannot help herself and leaves both her husband and daughter behind to be with him. Which is how the Trojan War begins. Cassandra tries her best to hate Helen, who she has forseen to ruin their lives and the reason behind which most of her brothers will perish. But Helen has a beautiful heart along with a her own beauty and the two women find themselves as friends in the end. This was quite an enjoyable read and I loved the romance of the novel and how it was written.
Final Verdict: Highly suggested for those who love mythology and tales of the Trojan War.
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