Book View: Jepp Who Defied the Stars

Book View: Jepp Who Defied the StarsJepp Who Defied the Stars by Katherine Marsh
Published by Blackstone Audiobooks on October 1st 2012
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After a daring escape from the palace where he acts as a court dwarf, Jepp is kidnapped and spirited across Europe. Before he can become his own master he must prove himself to a brilliant and eccentric new master, earn the love of a girl, and unearth the secrets of his parentage.

Short & Sweet: Jepp Who Defied the Stars was a surprising read about a dwarf who is searching for who he is and takes a journey to a faraway castle to seek his fortune and future. What he finds there is not what he seeks – unrequited love and treated as a plaything. Jepp must travel even further to find what he seeks, a future and someone to love. Where he finds it is not where he would have thought. I found this audiobook to be really well-done although I was surprised by some of the more young adult themes – undertones of rape and some distressing deaths. I started to really feel for Jepp's predicament, starting with a simple loving life and then transforming into a more complicated character.

Final Verdict:  Jepp Who Defied the Stars is a fantastic audiobook with a complex story set in a historical setting that is unforgettable and really transports the reader.

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