Book View: Keesha’s House

Book View: Keesha’s HouseKeesha's House by Helen Frost
Published by Farrar Straus & Giroux (BYR) on April 2nd 2003
Pages: 128

An unforgettable narrative collage told in poems.

Keesha has found a safe place to live, and other kids gravitate to her house when they just can't make it on their own. They are Stephie - pregnant, trying to make the right decisions for herself and those she cares about; Jason - Stephie's boyfriend, torn between his responsibility to Stephie and the baby and the promise of a college basketball career; Dontay - in foster care while his parents are in prison, feeling unwanted both inside and outside the system; Carmen - arrested on a DUI charge, waiting in a juvenile detention center for a judge to hear her case; Harris - disowned by his father after disclosing that he's gay, living in his car, and taking care of himself; Katie - angry at her mother's loyalty to an abusive stepfather, losing herself in long hours of work and school.

Stretching the boundaries of traditional poetic forms - sestinas and sonnets - Helen Frost's extraordinary debut novel for young adults weaves together the stories of these seven teenagers as they courageously struggle to hold their lives together and overcome their difficulties.

Short & Sweet:

I picked up this book as a suggestion by a blogger friend Ashley. We were talking about books in verse one day and this one came up. It sounded like an interesting read so I put it on hold from my local library and was not disappointed while reading. Inside this book is the story of several teens who end up crossing paths. All have a hard time for one reason or another and end up at Keesha's house. A house where they can go to stay for however long they need with no questions asked.

Final Verdict:

Definitely read this one. If you like Ellen Hopkins, or books in verse that deal with tough issues, this is the book for you. Helen does a fantastic job with the stories and I really just loved this book all the way through.

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