Book View: Seesaw Girl

Book View: Seesaw GirlSeesaw Girl by Linda Sue Park
Published by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt on February 13th 2001
Pages: 96

Jade never ventures beyond the walls of her family's Inner Court; in seventeenth-century Korea, a girl of good family does not leave home until she marries. She is enthralled by her older brother's stories about trips to the market and to the ancestral grave sites in the mountains, about reading and painting, about his conversations with their father about business and politics and adventures only boys can have. Jade accepts her destiny, and yet she is endlessly curious about what lies beyond the walls. A lively story with a vividly realized historical setting,


Seesaw Girl is the story of Jade, who is not allowed to leave the inner court of her family’s home. She should be focusing on learning skills that will benefit her future husband, but instead she daydreams about what is beyond her walls all the way to the mountains. Also, Jade would rather pull pranks than sit sewing all day and wishes she were one of the boys. So when her best friend is married and sent off, Jade cannot resist the risk to see her. Her adventure takes her outside the wall into a world where woman are allowed in the market, but she is disappointed when her friend turns her away. I truly loved Jade’s character and the insight into a Korean home in another time period. I felt her desires were realistically portrayed and carried out as well as the problems that occurred after.


A beautiful insight into Korean culture and a young protagonist that will have you aching for adventure.

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