Bout of Books Challenge: Scavenger Hunt

Bout of Books
This challenge is only open to readathon participants, so make sure you’ve signed up!
So, I’ve become a bit obsessed with challenges on Instagram, so I thought it would be fun to host a book scavenger hunt. Add me on Instagram, I’ll follow back and like your bookish stuff! You do not have to use Instagram, you can post on your blog, twitter, tumblr, or goodreads.
You can take your own pictures or use images you find online. Up to you. You can post them separately or in one picture, up to you!
You can complete as many of the hunts as you like. The more you do the more chances you have to win!
If you like hashtags, use this one – #boutofbookshunt
Simple, right?
Book Scavenger Hunt:
1. A Book that begins with “B”  (for Bout of Books!)
2. A book you’re planning to read/currently reading for Bout of Books
3. Blue Book(s)
4. Books from your favorite genre!
5. A book on your TBR shelf, or your full TBR shelves
Fill out the rafflecopter below!
Must be a Bout of Books Participant.
One random winner will get a book of their choosing from Amazon (US) or The Book Depository (INT) $15 or less.

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66 responses to “Bout of Books Challenge: Scavenger Hunt

  1. Ellie P

    Oops, I got my Instagram name wrong! It’s derbyshirelass87, not derbyshirelass1987. My bad, you follow me anyway I think so I’m sure you’ll find me! This challenge was so fun, I went way overboard playing with the photo but NO REGRETS! *sails away to keep reading* 🙂

  2. What a fun challenge! I always love to look through my shelves to find certain books. The first one seemed challenging, but I found out I have more books starting with a B than I thought 🙂

    • Kristen

      No, separate books. Well, for example I had two blue books that start with B so I took those together, but there’s at least one separate book for each… make sense?

  3. Loved this challenge 🙂 I ended up picking blue books for almost everything hehe xD

    PS: I kinda of did something stupid in the rafflecopter… instead of putting the link for Hunts #1/#2 (don’t remember if #3 as well) I ended up putting the name of the book. But the rest of the hunts have the link so I hope it’s okay 🙂 Sorry!!!

    Thanks for the giveaway and for such a fun challenge ^_^

    XX Ner

  4. I have completed the challenge and have separate books for each item we needed to hunt, but I placed them all on the same blog post. Do I need to have a different post for each book we need to find?

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