Character Interview: Sadie from Chasing Alliecat

Thanks to The Teen Book Scene, I had the great opportunity to interview Sadie from the novel Chasing Alliecat by Rebecca Fjelland Davis, which I will have a review of up shortly. Learn more about the author on her website.

You seem to love biking a lot, when did you first learn to ride and did you always love it?
I begged for a bike when I was four. I got one for my fifth birthday, and Dad took the training wheels off the third day I had it. Yeah, I loved it right away, but it wasn't until I was about ten that I realized how much fun it was to really push myself on a bike.

What were your first impressions of Allie when you met her?
Rock hard, probably a Punk rocker kind of girl 'cause of all the metal on her face; that she'd be mean, and crush me on the bike. She sort of scared me, that first time I saw her in the woods. Another reason nobody should judge from first impressions.

Joe seems like he's a pretty close friend, how long have you guys known each other?
Just met at the Blue Ox, or actually that night at Scout's Last Chance. When he was at Scout's, I couldn't believe the guy I saw at the Blue Ox was the Joe who was going to stay at Scout and Susan's for the summer.

Do you have hobbies other than biking?
Yeah! I started an Environmental Action Group at my school. One thing that didn't make it into the book Chasing AllieCat is that I researched the Junk Woods in LeHillier, and it's a SuperFund clean-up site. (The tap water in LeHillier SUCKS). I spent a bunch of time working on that during the summer, too, but our author took that stuff out 'cause it slowed down the mystery and the romance. I got Joe interested, too.

I took ballet from the time I was three, and I liked that, too, but it was hard to find time to do both: dance and bike. In ninth grade, I was in the advanced class, and we were dancing nine hours a week including rehearsals. Then I talked my mom into letting me quit dance so I could ride more. Thank goodness, she listened. I'm way better on the bike than I was on pointe shoes.

I play volleyball, too but I might not go out this year so I can keep racing in the fall. Mom thinks I should play volleyball one more year.

Oh, and I have been in the school plays. I was Chava in "Fiddler on the Roof." I think I got the part 'cause I was the best dancer that tried out.

What's one thing that most people wouldn't know about you?
That The Jungle Book is my favorite book and I've read it ten times. Also, that I have an obsession with t-shirts. I collect them from races, bike events, concerts, anything. Other than t-shirts, I am obsessive about not leaving a carbon footprint. I always haul my own bags to stores, no matter where I'm shopping, for example. (I guess people know that). That drives my friend Erica nuts.

They don't know that I think I want to major in engineering in college–maybe–and do something with alternative energy.

And now people know that I like Joe. But I don't think anybody knows how much I like him.

Thank you Sadie, it's great to learn more about you!

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37 responses to “Character Interview: Sadie from Chasing Alliecat

  1. Katie

    I have heard a lot of great things about this book but haven’t had the time to actually check it out yet. The Characters look interesting and I know a little about biking because my brother is really into it.

    I am also really glad that you care about the environment. Its great to see that there are people that can reach alot of people through their writing talking about taking care of the environment. Thanks for stopping by and letting us learn a little about you!


  2. buddyt

    Seem there is a lot about the character that can be explored and written about in future books.

    Good to know.

    Carol T

    buddytho {at} gmail DOT com

  3. I’m about to start this book, and this character interview makes me really excited! I love knowing the small things about characters that don’t always get to make it into the books!

  4. Sounds like a well rounded character. I also took ballet from the time I was very little. This sounds promising.

    deadtossedwaves at gmail dot com

  5. I love the idea a young woman is interested in getting into engineering, espicially alternative energy. I actually know alot of people in my town that are working in that field, it needs all the women it can get. I would love to read the book.

  6. Lexie@BookBug

    I love books that have sports (especially outdoor ones) in them! IMO there is not enough of these types of books out there!

  7. What a great interview! I’ve been hearing good things about this book. I’m adding it to my TBR pile. 🙂

    Oh. And I have an obsession with tshirts too. If there is one for sale when I go somewhere I get it.

  8. Katy

    I love biking too! I even petitioned my township to make bike paths along our forests and parks and they did 🙂 it took a while but now I have all the paths I want :

  9. I love the explanation of her hobbies. Very well-rounded – would be great on a college app. Volleyball is such a fun sport.

  10. Jessy

    I love t-shirts too! Too bad I can’t fit into any of mine because I gained a little bit of weight 🙁

  11. justpeachy36

    I’ve heard a lot of things about this book. A character interview is a really cool idea. I haven’t seen too many of these.

  12. Llehn

    One of my earliest memories is of my cousin reading The Jungle Book to me. It’s nice to meet a kindred spirit!

  13. I haven’t read Jungle Book since, since, I don’t know when! I might have to read it again. Very cool that you bike. I don’t even have a bike. But hubby and I are thinking of buying the whole family bikes this summer.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  14. I see the character and I have something in common. I have a ton of tshirts from various soccer/softball tournaments. I love these character interviews (I love finding out more about characters). ^_^

  15. Vicky

    My younger sister loves bikes too! She begged for one as well when she was really young, but my parents never bought her one until a couple of years ago.

    Really awesome trailer! Rebecca you are definitely awesome for donating for every comment! I would probable comment many times if it were allowed. 😛

    Can’t wait to read the book, sounds great. Sounds like something my sister would LOVE too.

  16. dazeddez

    This looks like such a good book. It sounds like a fantastic book, really enjoyed the book trailer paints a good picture of the story.

  17. linda2060

    I love this character interview and I’m so interested to learn more about them, especially Joe. I love The Jungle Book, too.

  18. Bookadicea

    This book sounds amazing and I added it on my TBR list right away. Great Giveaway!

    clarissa.bulatao at

  19. Anita Yancey

    Sounds like a wonderful charcter, I really enjoyed the interview. I love my t-shirts too, and I have all kinds.


  20. Chel

    Wow. Sadie is a hardcore bike addict! I like it that she started an Environmental Action Group. Maybe we could be pals. 🙂

  21. Ellie

    I’m addicted to biking too, it’s my favorite thing to do and luckily I live near many different bike trails.

    I use my own bags when shopping too. I have an assortment from different stores, and some that keep food hot/cold for up to 5 hours.

    Thanks for the chance to win!


  22. I haven’t heard much about this book but from the interview Sadie seems like a very well-rounded character! Love that she’s into environmental awareness issues, that’s pretty rare in a YA novel.

  23. tearyeyedstars

    Great interview! (: I love biking too! And Sadie’s in the environmental action group too! I want to read this book now 😛
    ejhtan at gmail dot com

  24. I havent heard of this book.But the interview facinated me along with the book trailer. I really want to read this now. and All books won are donated to the Middletown Highschool library.

  25. Mona

    I think the idea of a character interview is so unique. It’s so true that a book shouldn’t be judged by its cover. One can miss out on meeting some great people and vice versa.

  26. I haven’t heard much about Chasing Alliecat but it sound like a great story. There aren’t too many YA books where the female protagonist is focused on environmental issues and in love with a sport like mountain biking, which requires a lot of discipline.

  27. Aleetha

    I have never seen this book but in your blog.
    I am always looking forward to read character interview. But I just dont know how to start

  28. Rebekah

    I love character interviews. And I love that I was reading this and somehow didn’t even realize it was a character interview until the end. That’s the kind of thing that makes me want to read a book!

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