Character Tweets: Tina from Leverage by Joshua C. Cohen


In my debut novel, Leverage, Tina is the tough Goth-girl that single-handedly runs the stadium sound system and jumbotron messages at all the of Knights football home games–not because she likes football but because she wants to acquire the technical skills needed to become a sound and video producer. Unfortunately for Tina, she has to share the production booth with a very old crank named Walt who does the play-by-play game commentary. The following is a transcript of tweets from Tina during one of the Knights' recent home games.

TinaRocks!–Old Man Walt (OMW) just took out his flask filled with "tea" and the football game hasn't even started yet. Gonna B a fun night!

TinaRocks!–OMW says the football players in his day were a lot tougher. Sure they were, grandpa!

TinaRocks!–I can smell the "tea" on OMW's breath. I'm pretty sure it's not Lipton and I'm pretty sure you can't buy it at the grocery store.

TinaRocks!–Just explained to OMW the concept of twitter and tweets. He told me to "stop chirping on my fancy-schmancy gadget."

TinaRocks!–2nd quarter begins and OMW is nipping fast and furious on his flask.

TinaRocks!–OMW just called the visiting Mustangs a "bunch of sissy-bitches." His microphone was on and the whole stadium just heard it. I don't think he cares.

TinaRocks!–OMW just asked why a "devil girl" is running the sound/light board. He says I should be waving pom-poms on the sidelines.

TinaRocks!–Just put the following message up on the jumbotron screen. I'M WALT & I'M DRUNK!!! ENJOY THE GAME! Fans cheered. OMW didn't even notice!

TinaRocks!–Halftime is over. Can't wake OMW up. I would be worried except he's snoring like a bear.

TinaRocks!–OMW woke up midway through the third quarter. Said he needs to "take a mean ass piss right now!" Wayyyy too much info, Walt!

TinaRocks!–The Knights football team is up 24 to 10 not that OMW is around to comment and tell the fans.

TinaRocks!–OMW made it back to the booth with five minutes left in the game. He's got ketchup on his chin, half a hotdog in his mouth and his fly is down. Help!

TinaRocks!–OMW decided to take another nap on the floor.

TinaRocks!–Knights win game 27-13. OMW still asleep.

TinaRocks!–2nd to last jumbotron message of the night: CONGRATULATIONS KNIGHTS!

TinaRocks!–Last jumbotron message of the night: I'M WALT AND I'M HOMELESS. AGAIN!

TinaRocks!–Didn't want to wake OMW. Still snoring peacefully when I locked up the production booth. Same time next week, Walt?

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  1. Zombie Girrrl

    Oh, poor OMW. : Poor Tina for having to be around that guy while he’s such a mess, but I feel worse for Walt.

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