Disney Readthon/Buzzwordathon TBR

Hey guys, Jessica here so this week there are 2 readathons that are happening that I want to take part in so I thought I would tell you guys what my TBR is. There are challenges for the Disney readathon but for the buzzword readathon the only challenge is to read books with the word girl in the title. The Disney readathon starts today May 6 and goes until the 12th. The buzzword readathon starts on the 7 and goes till the 13th.

Hugh, Dewey, and Louie – Read a book that is a part of a trilogy  

Aurora’s Dress – Read a book that has pink and blue on the cover –  

I know it is a very small amount of pink but I am counting it cause I am DYING to read this book

Dory – A book you forgot you owned – 

This is on my kindle so that is why I forgot that I own it.

Frozen – Read a book that is set during winter 

This is what I am reading today 🙂

Cinderella – Read the original fairy-tale and then watch the animated movie – I have a really pretty leather bound edition of The Brother’s Grimm and I will read it out of there.

And here are so other random books I would like to get to if time allows.


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3 responses to “Disney Readthon/Buzzwordathon TBR

    • jessica

      Thanks, its going well too I have already completed three of the Disney challenges 🙂 are you participating in any readathons?

  1. Aww I can’t believe I missed the Disney Readathon!!! That’s like right up my alley! Maybe I’ll do it by myself LOL

    Also kudos to you to be able to find books that fit both readathons1

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