Dream Boy Book Review

Dream Boy Book ReviewDream Boy by Jim Grimsley
Published by Touchstone Books on January 30, 1997
Pages: 195

ALA Gay-Lesbian-Bisexual Book Award.
In his electrifying novel, adolescent gay love, violence, and the spirituality of old-time religion are combined through the alchemy of Grimsley's vision into a powerfully suspenseful story of escape and redemption.


This is not my first time reading this book. I read this book almost every single day when I was in middle school. It was around this time that I was discovering my sexuality and I am from a small country town just like Roy and Nathan. Somewhere people still have terrible notions about LGBTQIA+ people so I felt extremely alone and depressed due to the bullying that I received.

This book was my safe place, my refugee. It was my anchor in restless sea that was school. I even copied it into a notebook so that I could read it at school cause I was worried about a teacher picking it up and reading the back where it says that two boys fall in love. Reading this book again felt like finally walking back into your home again after a long vacation. Even though it deals with intense topics, I never felt unsafe but that is probably more to due with the fact that I already knew the ending.




Verdict:This book was there for me in my darkest time and I am beyond relieved that it still touches that place deep in soul. This book saved me. I love this book with my whole being and I know that I will be rereading it until the end of my days.

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