Gilmore Girls Readathon TBR

If you guys didn’t know there is a readathon happening from October 1st to the 15th that is inspired by Gilmore Girls. There is 7 challenges for it and you can read whatever you want for those or you can attempt to read some of the books on the Rory Gilmore reading list. I am doing a mixture of both.

  1. (In honor of Yale and Chilton) Read a book with a school setting.

2. (In honor of Rory and Lorelei) Read a book with a mother/daughter relationship

3. (In honor of Stars Hallow and smelling snow) Read a book set during fall/winter

This is also on the Rory list

4. (In honor of Dean, Jess and Logan) Read a book with complicated love interest.

5. (In honor of Lane) Read a book with Asian rep or by an Asian author

6. (In honor of A Year of the Life) The next book in a series you have been meaning to read

7. (In honor of Luke’s diner) A book with food on the cover or with the story involving it.

I will also try to read a few books for the Rory list such as


If you guys want to know more information on this readathon go check out @gilmoreathon on Twitter.

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