Graphic Novel Review: Adventures in Cartooning

Graphic Novel Review: Adventures in CartooningAdventures in Cartooning by James Sturm
Series: Adventures in Cartooning #1
Published by Macmillan on March 31st 2009
Genres: Graphic Novel
Pages: 109

In this action-packed cartooning adventure, kids will have as much fun making comics as reading them!   Once upon a time . . . a princess tried to make a comic.  And with the help of a magical cartooning elf, she learned how – well enough to draw her way out of an encounter with a dangerous dragon, near-death by drowning, and into her very own adventure!  Like the princess, young readers will discover that they already have the drawing and writing skills it takes to make a comic – they just need a little know-how.  And Adventures in Cartooning supplies just that.


It’s hard to summarize this graphic novel in anything more than one or two sentences. A girl at the beginning wants to learn how to make comics, but she doesn’t think she can. So, the little elf decides to show her. First enters the knight and his trusty stead and the elf takes them along on adventure and points out how panels and other aspects of cartooning works.Adventures in Cartooning was hilarious! I was cracking up at the jokes that pretty much make up the whole book. I love the way I learned something as well as enjoying the book. I don’t know much about cartooning lingo, but I learned some basics from this book. Definitely a fun read. I think any fantasy reader who likes graphic novels will get a kick out it.. c’mon a fairy, a knight in shining armor, and a dragon? Definitely some winning characters right there.

Recommended for 2nd grade and up.



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  1. Emily a.k.a WilowRaven : )

    Looks pretty cute 🙂 I can remember writing my own comic in 2nd grade and it had a dragon and a knight in it 🙂

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