Graphic Novel Review: Changing Moon

Graphic Novel Review: Changing MoonChanging Moon by Mathieu Mariolle
Series: Nola's Worlds #1
Published by Graphic Universe on November 1st 2010
Genres: Graphic Novel
Pages: 136
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In Alta Donna,the weather is great, the sunsets are super, and the stars twinkle brightly. Perfect, right No! It's super boring. Nothing real ever happens. Everybody says I spend too much time daydreaming in my own little world. At least my dreams are more interesting than Alta Donna.

But what if Alta Donna is hiding a secret The two new kids in town are up to something. No one could be as good a baseball player as Damiano, and no one could be as charming as Inés. The moment they arrived, life in Alta Donna stopped being perfect and started getting weird. Who are they really

I always say, if you need a puzzle solved, look for someone with a BIG imagination. And that's me. Nola.

Plot: Nola’s world and life is perfect, so when two students start at her school that are a little out of the ordinary, she can’t help but try to find out what their secret is. I loved the way the Nola searched after the two, but that we also get to see it from their side. The story picks up and there’s more mystery added to where the two kids came from along with a sinister force. I love that the book ends with a bit of a realization on Nola’s party along with the bad guys.

Characters: I fell in love with Nola, an energetic girl who is more perceptive than others give her credit for. She’s a bit over the top and I love the way she was designed to stand out in the panels. Nola has a lot of freedom because of her single mother who is often working or out with friends. It gives her the freedom to explore the possibility of the secret of the two new students.

Graphics: I love the design. It’s so cute and a different kind from what I’m used to. I love that this was a French team that was designing and writing the series. Definitely gives a different twist to the graphic novel.

Final Verdict: A fun graphic novel that is great for upper elementary or middle grade ages. I will definitely be reading on in the series to see what will happen next!


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  1. Your Comment Here…I'll have to take a look at this. I have an increasing amount of girls who want graphic and "notebook" novels, and this does look cute.

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