Graphic Novel Review: Constance and the Great Escape

Graphic Novel Review: Constance and the Great EscapeConstance and the Great Escape by Pierre Le Gall
Published by Sterling Publishing Company, Inc. on 2009
Genres: Graphic Novel
Pages: 32

In Constance and Tiny the irrepressible scamp ran away only to get dragged back home. Now her scheming parents are sending her off to a terrible, horrible place: a boarding school for wayward children! There, the rules are strict, the bathwater’s cold, and the food’s horrid. Worst of all, her beloved cat Tiny can’t come along. It’s just like prison! But canny Constance has a plan: Since only bad boys and girls can stay there, maybe if she pretends to be really good they’ll set her free…

Constance and the Great Escape reminded me of Babymouse – just a teensy bit. The reason is that most of the scenery around Constance is black, white, gray and brown. But Constance herself is always seen in a bright red dress – easily picked out in each picture. Babymouse does something similar – only with the color pink. Constance and her cat Tiny are a terror not to be reckoned with and you can easily tell that from the comical illustrations in this graphic novel.

It was a simple, easy and short read that really made me want to read the first one – Constance and Tiny. I can see some of my students picking up this book – the same ones that read Babymouse. Instead of a comic book format, the book has a picture book layout with one large picture per page with words/sentences beneath each picture.

Definitely a suggested read for those who enjoyed the Babymouse graphic novels.

Age level: K – 4th grade (depending on the child’s reading level). I can see my 4th graders picking this one up.


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