Graphic Novel Review: Demon Volume 1

Graphic Novel Review: Demon Volume 1Demon, Volume 1 by Jason Shiga
Series: Demon #1
Published by First Second on October 4th 2016
Genres: Graphic Novel
Pages: 166

Jimmy cannot die.
When his body is killed, Jimmy simply takes over the body of the person in closest proximity to him. Simple, right? Not once Jimmy gets started. His mind is sharp and highly analytical, and he cares about nothing but his own survival and the survival of his adorable daughter. To avoid the shadowy government agency on his tail, Jimmy will do anything, even if it means tearing the world down around him.
From the brilliant and profane mind of Jason Shiga, known for his high-concept comics, comes a magnum opus: a four-volume mystery adventure about the shocking chaos (and astronomical body count) one highly rational and utterly unscrupulous man can create in the world, given a single simple supernatural power.


What if you just wanted to commit suicide? But every time you did, you woke up alive… That is what is happening to Jimmy Yee. But there’s more to it than that. The artwork is pretty awesome and the story is very shocking in many ways. I felt disconcertingly involved in the story. A bit like watching a train wreck over and over again. It’s definitely a very adult book and one I’m curious as to what will happen in the follow volumes.


Overall, something that you must read and decide if you enjoy yourself. It’s not my typical graphic novel, but I enjoyed it.


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