Graphic Novel Review: Foiled

Graphic Novel Review: FoiledFoiled by Jane Yolen
Series: Foiled #1
Published by First Second on April 13th 2010
Genres: Graphic Novel
Pages: 160

A quirky, fast-paced urban fantasy by esteemed author Jane Yolen

Aliera Carstairs just doesn’t fit in. She’s always front and center at the fencing studio, but at school she’s invisible. And she’s fine with that . . . until Avery Castle walks into her first period biology class. Avery may seem perfect now, but will he end up becoming her Prince Charming or just a toad?

In the spring, I had an opportunity to see the marvelous Jane Yolen at a local library event. I was looking at the books they had on sale for the signing and was shocked to see a graphic novel among them. So I picked it up then and there and am glad I did. The cover definitely pulled me and I couldn’t wait to read it.

I really enjoyed Aliera’s character right off. She was a bit of a loner, with an interesting hobby – fencing. There’s two things that change her life forever. The first is her mother finding a new fencing foil with a ruby handle for only $2. The second is meeting Avery, a boy who makes her feel all funny inside and has a weird fascination with dissecting animals, which comes in handy as he is her science lab partner.

Below is the panel of their first conversation:

Of course, things get even stranger in the story and some magical aspects are revealed. I am hoping that Yolen is working on another graphic novel, because this one left off on with some unanswered questions.

I loved the illustrations in Foiled as well. There isn’t much color until the end of the novel and I really liked the shades he used throughout.

Final Verdict:

Definitely a graphic novel to pick up if you like urban fantasy and kick-butt female leads. Yolen is a masterful storyteller and Cavallaro does a fantastic job with the illustrations.


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