Graphic Novel Review: Gretchen

Graphic Novel Review: GretchenGretchen by Arthur de Pins
Published by NBM Publishing on August 1st 2013
Genres: Graphic Novel
Pages: 48
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Francis von Bloodt, a vampire and good family man, operates the one-of-a-kind theme park Zombiellenium. But this unique amusement park doesn’t just hire anyone: mere mortals need not apply—only genuine werewolves, vampires, zombies, and other citizens from the undead community are employed. A stunningly beautiful, fully painted graphic novel, this work presents a wryly humorous and lighthearted take on the traditional horror genre.


The wonderful Pabkins of Not Yet Read sent me this graphic novel ages ago. I was cleaning my shelves the other day and found it and realized I must read it. The cover alone is to die for, especially for a graphic novel, and the book is HUGE, I have to turn it sideways on my shelf. Also, it has zombies, vampires and other sorts of fun paranormal creatures, who all pretty much work for an amusement park, Zombillenium.

I loved Gretchen, who is the main character of the book. I can only assume the other books will feature a different main character, but she’s my favorite. Something about fiesty redheads seems to fulfill my need in paranormal books. I love the concept of when someone becomes paranormal, they pretty much opt in to a somewhat horrible life stuck at an amusement park. This is precisely what happens in the book as we see a guy get brought back to life by a vampire, then bit by a werewolf and suddenly he’s in amusement park hell, dealing with her new found problems/powers.

I will have to find the next volume as there are a lot of questions unanswered and I could not get enough of Gretchen. I love her somewhat nonchalant way of trying to solve problems throughout the book, like she knows she should just leave well enough alone but can’t help herself.


A fantastically drawn graphic novel that includes a bit of everything from humor to paranormal creatures and lots of snark.

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