Graphic Novel Review: Little Robot + Giveaway


I’m so excited to be apart of the tour of Ben Hatke’s Little Robot. I love graphic novels and especially love Ben’s illustrations! Check out the list of tour stops over at Macmillan Kids.


Little Robot is the story of a girl who is good with fixing things. She’s left alone at home frequently and runs off to the junkyard to see what she can find there. One day, she finds a robot there and quickly befriends him. They have their difficulties as the robot realizes they are different and she even locks him in a car so that she can see the robot again. Unfortunately, a big scary yellow robot has been commissioned to find the missing robot and puts them in danger.

I loved that this was practically a wordless graphic novel. There are some short phrases and noises, but for the most part there is nothing telling the story except the beautiful pictures. Hatke’s artwork always stuns me and I loved reading the pages of this graphic novel. The colors are so rich and I love his character designs. He makes all of the robots unique and with their own characteristics. I like that our main character comes from a low income family and is of color. I think it’s important that we let children know that it doesn’t matter what you look like or where you come from, anyone can have an adventure and make friends.

Little Robot really hits on friendship and I like that there were conflicts that weren’t always solved in the best way. Our main character definitely shows a lot of emotion in the way she acts and there are signals that she doesn’t really have any friends of her own that are human. I loved that in the end she is accepted even though she is merely human, while her new friends are all robots. I’m looking forward to getting this one into the hands of my students.




Learn more about Ben Hatke:

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  1. Hoshikudaki

    Awesome review! I think this book really sounds good and interesting. I bet people from all ages will love this!

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