Graphic Novel Review: Monster and Me

Graphic Novel Review: Monster and MeMonster and Me by Robert Marsh
Series: Monster and Me #1
Published by Stone Arch Books on July 1st 2009
Genres: Graphic Novel
Pages: 33

Like every kid in town, twelve-year-old Gabby has a pet monster. However, Gabby refuses to keep her monster, Dwight, in the closet. When she takes her pet to school, the drama teacher takes a liking to the beastly pet. He wants the monster to play Scrooge in the annual Christmas production. If Dwight doesn't meet his expectations, both Gabby and her pet will be given the hook.

Gabby is twelve years old and has a pet monster, but unlike normal monsters, Gabby doesn’t want hers to stay in the closet. So, she brings him to school to help out with the school play – A Christmas Carol.I really laughed out loud as I read this graphic novel. It was really cute and fun with Monster trying to eat some of Gabby’s classmates and teachers. This book also dealt with the issue of Gabby’s father not being around often to see her different important events. He did, however, make it to the play and brightened Gabby and Monster’s day.I love how these book have vocabulary words and discussion questions at the end. This would be great for younger or struggling readers in any elementary school.



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  1. Nikki (Wicked Awesome Books)

    The cover looks so cute. I’m surprised at seeing these younger reader books, but it’s nice to get a little change.

  2. Brodie

    The cover for this made me laugh (so cute!) so I can only imagine the story would too. I love tapping into my inner child! This sounds great for kids!

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