Graphic Novel Review: Ogres Awake

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Graphic Novel Review: Ogres AwakeOgres Awake! by James Sturm, Alexis Frederick-Frost, Andrew Arnold
Published by First Second on July 12th 2016
Pages: 40

The knight and her horse, Edward, have made a startling discovery: there are three huge ogres asleep at her doorstep! When they wake up, the kingdom is in big trouble! The knight, Edward, and some garden gnomes fight back, not with swords and shields, but with potato peelers and spoons. It turns out that ogres are pretty friendly when they have full stomachs!


Adventures in Cartooning is one of my favorite graphic novel series and I love this new edition called Ogres Awake. Our valiant knight and her horse Edward have a new dilemma. Ogres are sleeping outside the castle and she knows when they wake up they will wreck havoc upon the castle. Her solution at first is to fight them, they must train up and prepare! But those living in the castle have a different idea and start to work on their own plan, which involves peeling potatoes and cooking!

Our knight is confused but does the work she is told to do. In the end, the wiser solution works better than violence, which is a great message for younger readers. In this short graphic novel, it gives some tips about drawing your own graphic novel and is a great starter for beginning graphic novel readers.


Beautifully illustrated and full of humor, Ogres Awake is a great installation in this series of easy to read graphic novels.

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