Graphic Novel Review: Peanut

Graphic Novel Review: PeanutPeanut by Ayun Halliday
Published by Schwartz & Wade on December 26th 2012
Genres: Graphic Novel
Pages: 216
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"A smart, affecting graphic young adult novel," declares the New York Times.

Before you write me off as a delusional psycho, think about what it's like to be thrown into a situation where everyone knows everyone... and no one knows you. Sadie has the perfect plan to snag some friends when she transfers to Plainfield High—pretend to have a peanut allergy. But what happens when you have to hand in that student health form your unsuspecting mom was supposed to fill out? And what if your new friends want to come over and your mom serves them snacks? (Peanut butter sandwich, anyone?) And then there's the bake sale, when your teacher thinks you ate a brownie with peanuts. Graphic coming-of-age novels have huge cross-over potential, and Peanut is sure to appeal to adults and teens alike.

Plot: Sadie decides that she wants to make new friends when she moves, so she decides she will pretend to have a peanut allergy. She finds that it is hard to stay true to her lie and it keeps building up throughout the story until she is found out. I felt there was a lot of truth in this story, about wanting to fit in, to be different and stand out. High school is a time that seems all-consuming and “do or die” at times. I think this had a good message as to the results of lying and how it can affect you.

Characters: Sadie encompasses a lot of my teenage thoughts and feelings and really made me like her, despite the lies. She’s an impressionable girl who took a leap of faith on a lie so she could fit in at school. I really enjoyed getting to know her friends, especially those who stuck with her after the lie blew up towards the end of the book. 

Graphics: Absolutely fell in love with the artwork of this graphic novel, which brought the characters and plot to life.

Final Verdict: A great graphic novel for teenagers who enjoy realistic fiction.

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