Graphic Novel Review: Smoke and Mirrors

Graphic Novel Review: Smoke and MirrorsSmoke and Mirrors by Mike Costa
Published by IDW Publishing on October 23rd 2012
Genres: Graphic Novel
Pages: 135
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ENTER A WORLD OF MAGIC! Stage magician Terry Ward is thrust into a world where magic - not technology - rules, and forced to use trickery and illusions to survive! But will that prove to be enough when the dangers of the world start compounding - how can a sleight of hand artist compete with users of practical spells?

Often, I find myself drawn to adult graphic novels and this one caught my eye while browsing at the library. I loved the illustrated cover and it had a magical feel to it, so I checked it out and found myself immersed in a world where magic exists. I loved the spin of having a character from our world who does not know magic, but magic tricks. A young boy sees him performing on the streets and his curiousity leads him to badger the man into teaching him this magic.

I loved the dichotomy of magic tricks within a world of magic and how it actually helps the characters to get out of a few tricky situations. Beyond the plot, I really fell in love with the illustrations and characters. I loved all the elements of this graphic novel and will be seeking out more work by Costa. I also like that it didn’t really have anything inappropriate and could be shared with younger readers. I’m hoping this will become a series and we’ll see more of these characters and beautiful artwork.

Final Verdict: A solid graphic novel with a great story arc, but one I want to see continue on.

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